Kimono Dressing Course

Kimono Dressing Course1

Are you thinking that you would like to wear kimono by yourself?

Did you not have time or any occasions to wear kimono when you lived in Japan, but having moved out of Japan you now have such opportunities but are not able to wear kimono by yourself?

Have you attended kimono-dressing lessons but still do not know how to wear it by yourself?

Have you bought some accessories for kimono as part of your lessons but do not know how to use them?
Do you wish to dress your daughter with a kimono?

I have received a lot of feedback and requests like these over the years.

Having gone through a training myself, I am happy to announce that I am now ready to offer a kimono-dressing course.

I hope this will be of interest to many of you.


・Beginners Course (6 sessions)
・Kimono-Dressing Professionals Training Course (48 sessions)

Successful completion of this course will lead to a qualification as a kimono-dressing professional accredited by Kyoto Association of Kimono-Dressing Professionals.

Apart from these two set courses, we are also able to offer a lesson for a pre-purchased lesson ticket.

We can even offer a one-off lesson on specific details about kimono-dressing practice (for example, you can wear kimono by yourself but have some questions about specific details, or you have attended kimono-dressing lessons before but forgot how to use accessories).

*Each lesson lasts two hours and is offered at a rate of £30-.
Kimono for the lessons are available for rent.

Kimono Dressing Course2